we specialize in designing custom sound systems in fully analog technology.

our goal is to make operating a sound system as easy as possible.

Below some of our custom made equipment

We made this specialized 8 band parametric guitar equalizer for Ron Hartley a New Zealand guitarist for his experiments with sound that he's trying to find. He now has the best " Hank Marvin Sound " in the country
Small PA System wit one pre - amplifier and 4 Output Zones. It has 3 built-in amplifiers and a main Audio Output
The same amp as above but now as a customized version

We make our pcb's from scratch, we have the idea, draw the schematics and start working on a prototype pcb layout. Make the prototype and test it. All our designs are developed and  made by us in house.

pcb making

Discontinued Products

8-Channel Pre-Amplifier with Bass and Treble per channel, 9 Band Master EQ and 2 Master Volume Outputs

8 Channel Pre Amp Zone Selector and Chime. All channels Bass and Treble

2 x 50W Poweramp